Mayah & Co Consulting provides personal tax services for average and high net worth individuals.

Most working individual will have to pay some sort of tax to the government. Failure to submit appropriate information for this purpose can lead to huge fines and sometimes imprisonment.


So why take the risk?


We are recognised experts in taxation and we will take care of every tax aspect on your behalf.


You will need our personal tax services if you are:

  • Self-employed
  • A partner in a partnership agreement
  • A company director
  • A land and/or property owner (that is being let)
  • An earner of income from overseas
  • A holder of large amounts of untaxed savings and investments

Our personal tax professionals deal with clients’ affairs on a case by case basis tailoring the service to the client’s particular circumstance. Though most personal tax matters can relatively be straight forward computations, we also manage clients with extremely complex UK tax affairs.


Our aim is to maximise your wealth while minimizing your tax


We offer the following personal taxation services:

  • Self-Assessment Tax returns
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Expatriate Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Touring Tax
  • Tailored Tax Advice
  • HMRC Investigations and Enquiries


Expatriate Tax

Expats are individuals who are UK tax residents but non-domicile individuals and this can have massive tax advantages for the wealthy.

Dealing with the UK affairs of expats can prove to be complicated. We will handle your tax submissions if you are an expat and maximise your tax efficiencies available in this category.


Inheritance Tax

This is tax charged on the estate of someone who’s died. This tax is normally levied on property, money, gifts and other items on the death of individuals. This tax is substantial with a standard rate of 40%.

Our team of tax experts will set out a bespoke plan for you to be able to minimize the impact of the rules on your estate or on that of a deceased.


Capital Gains Tax

This tax is paid when an individual makes gains on the sale of capital assets such as property and shares. Our team will tailor a plan for you to use all available reliefs in an effort to minimise your CGT.


Foreign Entertainer Tax

If you are a foreign entertainer or a sportsperson appearing in the UK, you are liable to pay UK tax on earnings linked to those appearances.

Celebrities coming to the UK in different industries like fashion, music, movie and sports can handover their UK tax affairs with us while continuing with their busy lifestyle.


Tailored Tax Advice

Mayah & Co Consulting offers a tailored cut tax advice service for clients who want to maximise tax efficiencies across their portfolios and financial life.

Our personal tax experts together with our chartered accountants will draw up precise tax maps which will be implemented to minimise your tax and maximise your wealth.


HMRC investigations and Enquiries

Being under investigation is not a pleasant experience. Our tax experts are experienced in dealing with HMRC and helping clients in tax investigations.

Our team deals with investigations on VAT, individual tax returns, PAYE & P11D compliance and any other tax affairs.


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