Though usually underestimated, VAT is one of the most complex topics in accounting and compliance. Thousands of people in the United Kingdom are investigated every year for VAT fraud and non-compliance.

HMRC is making significant changes in declaring and submitting VAT returns with its introduction of Making Tax Digital. Our experts at Mayah & Co Consulting have specialised HMRC compliant software to make sure your business is in sync with the new legislation.


At Mayah & Co Consulting, our VAT experts will advise and manage your VAT needs.

We will

  • Advice on whether VAT registration is financially beneficial for you
  • Register and de-register you depending on your current and projected situation
  • Advice on which VAT scheme will lead to tax savings for your business
  • Act as your agent with HMRC on all VAT related matters
  • Make sure your books are correctly managed in compliance to VAT laws
  • File your VAT returns in a timing fashion to avoid huge fines and penalties
  • Declare VAT on European Union transactions
  • Manage VAT payments to or from your business
  • Manage VAT investigations

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