The continuous growth in your business and financial lives is classed as success to us. So, we are willing to provide just about any service we possibly can to help you get closer to your goals

At Mayah & Co Consulting, we take your business like ours.

The range of services we provide are limitless.

Debt Collection and Recovery

Cash is described as the blood that runs through the veins of every business and without it, the business will slowly fade into extinction.

At Mayah & Co Consulting, we understand the implications of cashflow on your operations and survival.

We collect invoice payments on behalf of our clients. Many freelancers, contractors, partnerships, charities and companies rely on us to chase and collect sums for unpaid invoices without fracturing their relationship with clients.

We don’t stop here. We also chase and collect bad debts, take legal action against disputed unpaid debts and advice businesses on healthy cash management strategies.


Getting a loan can sometimes prove to be a very daunting task.

Our experts will help guide you through the process of applying for a loan and coaching you on aspects that will help you qualify for loans. We assist clients build a good credit score, become more credible, reduce risks levels, restructure debt and produce plans for assessment.

Offshore Account Services

Though highly misunderstood and often demonised, offshore structures play a massive role in the long-term control and protection of wealth.

Our offshore service desk will advise and help you on every aspect of offshore companies whether you are a UK tax-resident but not domiciled in the UK or UK domiciled but not a UK tax-resident.

If wealth protection and tax minimisation is important to you, contact us about our offshore services.

Trust Management Services

In dealing with trust management services, we work in close collaboration with strategic partners in delivering affordable, reliable and confidential services.

We advise and handle aspects of will creation, succession planning, trust agreements, inheritance tax and many other aspects relevant to beneficiaries.

Business Growth Strategy

Starting a business is easy. Managing and growing the business is the daunting part.

Our team of business growth strategists will develop a personalised business growth plan which will be used to strategically move your business forward.

It does not matter whether your business is growing or stagnating. We can increase your growth rate.

Our team will look at your business’ particular case and design a growth path usually based on your competitive advantage, team, processes, advertising and client relationships, expansion strategies, delegation and outsourcing, business model and industry direction.

Business Coaching

Coaching is central to performance in every industry. Top athletes, musicians, models and other professionals see a jump in their performance when dealing with an experience and savvy coach.

Though not often used in the business space, the results are the same. Businesses and individuals who sign up for our coaching services see an average of 42% increase in profitability. The effect of our coaching sessions is immediately felt in our clients’ bank accounts and on their financial statements.

Your business growth is important to us.

No matter how good or bad your business is doing at the moment, contact us for professional business coaching to help step you into the next league.

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