Many businesses under-perform and struggle to efficiently utilise their available resources. Usually, these businesses have never requested a professional, independent review of their financial statements, business processes, operational systems and company procedures.

At Mayah & Co Consulting , our skilled team of auditors will carry out any audit process needed to review your businesses with the aim of maximising performance.

Statutory Audit

Businesses of a certain size in the UK are required to have their financial statements audited every year. We work with a great network of auditors to deliver outstanding statutory audits.

At Mayah & Co Consulting , we do more than just provide standard auditing services and expressing our views on the organisation’s financial statements. Our holistic audit digs deep into every aspect of our clients’ financial files and systems to help them develop better practices and procedures which will amount to higher profitability.

Every audit we carry our leaves a noticeable improvement in our client’s business

We audit clients within different sectors and operating from different locations. Our affordable, reliable and fast audit service is guaranteed to gain your satisfaction and earn your recommendation.

Internal Audits

Most companies need an internal audit at least ones a year to maximise their internal controls and minimise their risks.

At Mayah & Co Consulting, our team of internal auditors will go through every aspect of your business processes and give recommendations on how to fully utilise all available resources whilst minimising risks.

We will audit your:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Internal controls
  • Risks
  • Fraud vulnerability
  • Error probability rate
  • Financial Management Systems
  • Cash Management Systems
  • Debt control procedures

IT Systems Audit

In today’s business environment, technology and IT systems play a huge role in our business operations. These systems can negatively and positively affect our organisation’s performance depending on how we use them.

Our system auditors will:

  • Audit your messaging systems for vulnerabilities
  • Inspect connectivity to guard against possible system hacks
  • Review safety of emailing networks
  • Examine the security of databases and information centres
  • Probe for fraud and error exploitation in the accounting system

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is increasingly becoming more important in today’s business world thus putting a lot of scrutiny on organisations. It is the directors’ responsibility to make sure that all corporate governance rules, practices and regulations are strictly followed.

Our team will also appoint a risk management expert to assess your companies financial, operational and reputational risks to make sure that the organisation continuously makes improvements into the foreseeable future.

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