Why have a Business Address?

Companies House compels every registered company to have a valid UK address and this should not be a PO Box. So, having a UK address is mandatory and we can sort this out for you.

 Your company and director’s address are open to the public on Companies House. This usually is not ideal and exposes your privacy especially for individuals using their home address as the company’s address.

You do not need to be a UK resident. We have many oversee clients using our registered address service for themselves and their companies.


“Your business address can say a lot about you”


Some addresses are more admirable compared to others and commands a higher level of respect and professionalism thus making you look great in front of stakeholders.


At Mayah & Co Consulting, we will offer you the most exclusive addresses.

We can provide you with the best addresses in London, Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh, Brighton, Birmingham and other UK cities.

We can arrange meetings rooms and desk space for you at your chosen business address.

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