Management accounting involves the provision of financial data and advice to a business which will be used for assessment, analysis, organisation and development. These means the relevance, reliability and timeliness of the information provided can make or break your business.

Our specialised team of management accountants will help you set up systems to get accurate information in a timely manner which will be used to develop a business strategy based on your needs.

It does not matter if you are thinking of expanding, getting more customers, changing utility companies or switching suppliers; we have the perfect team to give you the numbers which will make decision making easier.


The performance of your business relies on your day-to-day choices and decisions

Mayah & Co Consulting has helped so many clients take the big decisions which has significantly improved their business performance whilst reducing risks.

The analysis and assessments on your organisation are built from scratch making it unique to your particular circumstances. This tailored approached will clearly point out your short-term and long-term strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

We will analyse:

  • Your industry specific performance
  • Cashflow and liquidity levels
  • Profit and Loss probability
  • Product and Service profitability
  • Balance sheet
  • Risks affecting the organization
  • Budgets and variances
  • Projections and Forecast
  • Tax levels
  • Human resource performance
  • Technology vs Human requirements
  • Excesses and Shortages
  • Operational leaks
  • Market competition
  • Client profitability and retention

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