Before starting any business, it is vital to be compliant and properly set-up.

Our specialist team will form your company with Companies House, process your article & memorandum of association and get you a unique company registration number.

For individuals, we will get you properly set up with HMRC and other organisations so you are compliant to all laws and legislations.


We don’t stop there. We will

  • Offer free business advice
  • Assist in opening your business bank account
  • Register your company with HMRC for tax purposes
  • Register you for PAYE (if you will have employees)
  • Help in Logo creation
  • Assist with website building and development
  • Business address
  • Area coded telephone number
  • Sort out patent registration
  • Sort out flyers, brochures and business cards
  • Set-up a bookkeeping and accounting systems
  • Manage all tax-related issues
  • Register and manage your VAT account
  • Manage Directors’ accounts and filings
  • Assist with obtaining funding
  • Help build your perfect business plan
  • Manage your day-to-day financial operations

 We will do all we can thus giving you more time to focus on your business.

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